Friday, February 20, 2015

Ms. Maggie... where it all started.

Thirteen years… that’s a long time and yet it goes by in a blink of an eye. Our Ms. Maggie made the trip over the Rainbow Bridge today after living the life of a super star. Who could have ever imagined when she came in to our lives that we would be forever changed in so many ways? 
We travelled to Huntsville, AL to pick out a Scottie dog. We had met her siblings Ms. Maddie and Mr. Donovan and knew our lives would be enriched with this little black fur ball… and wow has it ever been. Never having a Scottie before, we were introduced to ‘Scottie-tude’ in a big way with this girl. She was house boss from day one. All toys were hers (sorry cats). All food was hers. All laps were hers… you get the picture. Ms. Maggie was naturally curious and for thirteen years she explored, sniffed, chased and claimed all sorts of treasures. She allowed us to take her camping all over the south from the Outer Banks to the Gulf of Mexico. Chester Frost Park in Soddy Daisy was one of her favorites as was River Edge in Pigeon Forge. For all of her lady like Scottieness, it was hilarious to see her lay belly down in the frigid cold creek water at our mountain cabin or to see just how much sand she could keep in her fur at the beach. Ms. Maggie loved attention and she got it whether we were marching down the middle of the street in Gatlinburg and Dandridge during the Scottie Parade, on her daily neighborhood walks in Jonesborough or all the times she showed her stuff at the Scottie Rescue Picnics.
One of Ms. Maggie’s best qualities was her Queen Bee status at the house. She was in charge of multiple Scotties over the years. Ms. Maggie gave us our drive for rescue. So starting with Mr. Monty we put her in the leadership position of Scottie management. Mr. Brody fell in line as did several dozen other rescues that came into our lives. They all knew who was boss and she made sure they toed the line.
Scotties always pick a human to bond with and love most. Teresa has always been the one for our Scottie Clan and it is well deserved. She loves her puppies like no other and they always return the favor. Ms. Maggie saw in Teresa an easy mark. It didn’t bother her in the least to take advantage of an extra treat or to move Teresa over so she could lay flat out on the A/C vent. Their bond was tight and special… the way it should be.
Ms. Maggie will rest at our house and will occupy a place in our hearts that can only be reached with the kind of love Scotties give.
AAaarrRRRROOoooo and sweet dreams Margaret Caroline Livingston… we will miss and always love our little Ms. Maggie.