Tuesday, July 24, 2012

RIP Donovan

Very few men got to be friends with Donovan. He was particular in who he thought was of enough character to approach him. Those who could were treated to a 100% loving acceptance type attitude. Those who couldn't... need not apply. I was one of the lucky ones, as a matter of fact, I was one of maybe four men who he shared his world with. Women were usually a different matter. He was a ladies scot that relished his lovins' from the female world.

Now when it came to 'scottitude', Donovan had his share. Often times he would let you know he was paying attention to what you were doing by ignoring you. Not like Ms. Maddie though. Oh, he would take a quick peek back towards your direction as you begged for attention, but then he would do the 1,000 yard stare. He knew you were there, ready to scratch and love, but he also knew you needed to wait, just a few moments longer.

Donovan showed his LOVE for his human momma Shelby by using her as a seat cushion lots of times. Most often we got to see that when we were on our camping trips. I guess you can see a lot more from a higher vantage point (especially one that would keep scratching and petting as long as you sit there). From there, squirrels were simply low hanging fruit to Donovan. As a captain peering from the wheelhouse, he would sit on Shelby's lap or on the back deck and scan the horizon for the enemy. I'm pretty sure he never got Christmas cards from the backyard squirrels, nor love letters either.

Donovan was siblings with 'big sis' Maddie, and was 'big bro' to our Maggie. His squirrel hunting buddy Marley was his first in command and his backup was Chaplin. Those three scotties were responsible for the rescue of a ton of other scotties so you might say, he was a big brother to a huge extended clan. 

He was a linebacker type scottie but moved like a lightning flash. He was the picture of what a male scottie could be, even should be. Big broad back, piercing dark brown eyes and a chest just made for rubbing. He never was a complainer, never a whiner, always ready for more... and he had cancer. You can't imagine the shock of finding out that he wasn't healthy. He was not healthy at all. As I said, he never complained, never made out that he wasn't well, he just went through life like it would never end. Unfortunately, the cancer was too much and time was too little. Even though you get almost 12 years, you always want 12 more, at least...

Everything possible was done to help him. Trips to UT School of Veterinarian Medicine, trips to several local vets, prayer chains, treatment options... everything anyone with a scottie would try. He even had got a custom-made catheter bag which he carried by means of his harness. He was styling, profiling and thought he was too cool. The hard part was letting him go. Donovan loved his Shelby and Doug, loved his other scotties that he spent his days in the backyard with and loved his entire extended scottie clan.

He is better now, rested up and ready for those pesky squirrels that made it to heaven I'm sure. His cancer a long gone memory, his pain and suffering no more. I also have no doubt he's found a lap or two from which to wait and watch for his human mamma Shelby.

So long Big D, leave Heaven's doggie door open... we miss you!

Signed... the aaaAAARRRrrooOOOoo Crew


turnberry's mom said...

Bless his little heart bones. What a sweet boy! He's hanging with Turnberry. They sound like the same personality.

Kay said...

so sad....you certainly do seem to having a lot of heartache lately...xx

ScrapsofMe said...

A missing Scottie leaves a big hole in your heart. Sending you a virtual hug and woodie kisses from the Scottie Girls, Bonnie and Kenzie

scotsmad said...

He was a grand sort. Twelve years does seem such a short time. We know he'll be missed.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Sweet William The Scot said...

A little light goes out and our hearts hang heavy whenever a scottie goes over the bridge.
Sweet William The Scot

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Our scotties...those sweet and precious souls. We always say that they are really a human in a dog's body. Big D sounds like the iconic boy....and I am sorry, so sorry, for your loss. He is waiting for you now...and in the meantime, most likely finding a critter or two to chase. Big belly rubs for Donovan.

Becky, Duhgall and Fiona